Cannabis Leaf Pipe Mug

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Hand made from quality kiln-fired ceramic, each of these Premium Roast & Toast Small Pipe Mugs feature a 3D molded Cannabis leaf on the mugs front face, an 11 fluid ounce cup, and a separately functioning sherlock spoon pipe built into the handle. At the top of the mugs handle you'll find the hand pipes mouthpiece and on the righthand side of the deep bowl is a carb hole used to control smoke during inhalation. When the time comes, just wash these premium pipe mugs the same way you'd clean any other ceramic cup or bowl in your collection, Roast & Toast Pipe mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe! 

Premium Roast & Toast pipe mugs come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes guaranteeing the perfect match for everyone's unique style and interests! Pipe mugs make great gift ideas for yourself, and more importantly the special people in your life!