Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller

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The Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller has a very unique shape. Like an elongated ice cube, the rectangular shaped hand pipe has flat sides all over. This allows the steamroller to be placed on any one of its sides without falling over. The bowl is located on top of the pipe. There is a hole at each end of the Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller. One is the mouthpiece where you inhale and the other closest to the bowl is the carb hole. A front-facing carb hole conducts a wind tunnel like effect, shooting the smoke into your lungs. Some people like this intense hit and it is very useful when you do not have much dry herbs to use. The more you use the Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller, the more it changes. Although the pipe is mostly pink, fumed glass tubing gives it a slightly yellow tint which really shows up when light goes through it. This hand pipe comes in two different styles. One is more simple and focuses more on seeing the smoke while hitting it. This style has bubbles running down each 90˚ angled side and is more pink. The other style has a green coil-like swirl wrapping around the pipe. The swirl option has more fumed glass inside, perfect for fans of that kind of glass. It does not matter which style you choose. This hand pipe has quality glass and huge hits to offer. Cool off with a few tokes from the Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller.