Standing Elephant Head Bubbler

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Thick, strong, and smart just like the animal it portrays, the Standing Elephant Head Bubbler is a work of art that happens to be a fully functional pipe. With its thick construction, this bubbler is not easy to break. Even the worked glass that can be found throughout the piece is durable. The mouthpiece is a spot on rendition of an elephant's head, complete with many intricate details. Two beady, blue eyes stare directly over the bowl. There are wrinkles found on the forehead, ears, and trunk. The attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on here at DankStop. The trunk itself actually connects the mouthpiece to the bubbler's base. Two white tusks can be found on each side of the trunk. The mouthpiece protrudes out of the elephant's skull for a more comfortable inhale. On the 2" wide base of the Standing Elephant Head Bubbler there are multiple glass millis and marbles that further attract your attention. Two clear marbles jettison out of one side to provide a better grip while holding. On the other side is a carb hole which allows you to control the airflow while inhaling. In between these two assets is a deep bowl. This deep bowl gives you plenty of room for huge packs. On the front of the pipe are two glass millis. With red petals inside that match the ears of the elephant mouthpiece, these artistic additions are what really push the Standing Elephant Head Bubbler to the forefront of animal pipes.